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Q: What is ezMPS?
A: ezMPS is a cloud product that handles every element of the MPS selling process.
Q: What makes ezMPS so simple to use?
A: ezMPS’s simple wizard-based flow allows the rep to go from analysis to comparison to presentation in minutes. It allows you to perform simple assessments that have all costing pre loaded. Simply update toner costs and let ezMPS do all the work for you OR create a more sophisticated assessment with in-depth cost analysis such as invoice cost, IT labor, future capital cost, etc. Either way ezMPS is SIMPLE!
Q: Is it mobile ready?
A: Yes! It can be used on tablets and pc’s - anywhere you have the internet, making the rep fully mobile and able to present on the go.
Q: Can I protect my margins?
A: Yes. Know your MPS contracts are priced accurately using YOUR dealer costs. Using your ezMPS Pricebook, administrators can upload their pricing and set behind-the-scenes margins. This gives management the peace of mind knowing their margins are protected. Because the pricing is all loaded, reps can price out deals without having to ask someone for pricing information. They are able to add margin as desired or needed to their proposed MPS contract for individual machines or to an entire fleet by using the simple Batch Edit feature. This allows reps to easily discover how profitable they will be while still presenting a savings to the customer. They can also use this feature to adjust fill ratios and select OEM vs Compatible cartridges for the new fleet.
Q: What sales resources are available?
A: Our Sales Resource Center offers a variety of up-to-date Sales tools including MPS industry white papers, selling tips, success stories, manuals and videos. Every tool a rep needs to successfully sell MPS is available through the ezMPS Resource Center!
Q: What technical requirements are there for ezMPS?
A: The only technical requirement for ezMPS is that you need internet connection with either Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.