What is ezmps?

ezMPS is a cloud product that handles every
element of the MPS selling process.

what makes ezmps Simple to use?

Simple wizard-based flow allows reps to go from analysis
to comparison to presentation in minutes.

Is it mobile ready?

Yes, You can use on tablets and pc’s
anywhere you have the internet.

Can I protect my margins?

Yes. Know your MPS contracts are priced
accurately using YOUR dealer costs.

What sales resources are available?

A complete selection of white papers, selling tips,
success stories, manuals and videos.


ezMPS allows you to perform simple assessments that have all costing pre loaded. Simply update toner costs and let ezMPS...

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Our Sales Resource Center offers a variety of up-to-date Sales tools including MPS industry white papers, selling tips, success stories....

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Using your ezMPS Pricebook, administrators can upload their pricing and set behind-the-scenes margins. This gives manag...

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  1. Uncover new sales opportunities and increase revenues by simply scanning in a client’s current floor plan!


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"ezMPS from Compass Sales Solutions has allowed us to assess, optimize, price and propose an MPS solution in a timely and efficient manner. Device information is easily imported from our data collection tool and within a matter of minutes a customer facing proposal is generated. The Compass support team has been quick to respond to our business needs and has enabled us to accurately report our true costs and margin. LDI was one of the very first users of ezMPS and we look forward to its continued evolution. The tool is a must for all MPS providers.”

Jay Feldman, Vice President
LDI Color Toolbox

"ezMPS from Compass Sales Solutions is a game changer! There is no software to buy, install or maintain! Compass handles that in the cloud. On the backend, ezMPS integrates with our supply vendors enabling us to confidently and accurately determine our true cost and profit margin on any MPS deal. During the Document Technology Assessment our sales professionals have been able to go from data collection to analysis to proposal to contract in minutes instead of hours. In fact on a 255 printer MPS transaction we were able to analyze, adjust and create our customer facing proposal in under 30 minutes! Amazing!"
Sam Pulino, President
RMC, A Ray Morgan Company

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